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(D.I.C.E.) Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement

The Diversity, Intercultural, and Community Engagement Certificate Program (DICE) is a certificate earning program hosted by the Student Life Multicultural Center (SLMCC) for all students interested in enhancing their Ohio State experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice, service, and leadership. Through this program, students gain valuable leadership and diversity skills to prepare them for their future. DICE provides diversity training through experiential learning and serves as a unique way of supporting student identity and interpersonal development.

There are three steps to earning your DICE certificate. This certificate will verify to employers and graduate schools that recipients are prepared to live and work in a diverse environment and are committed to improving their communities.

Students' progress for Step 1 will be tracked through a punch-card. Students will have their card punched at DICE events by a DICE representative. Once students have completed their card, they will turn this in and their name will be added to the certificate database as having completed this step. Step 2 and Step 3 will require communication with the DICE program coordinator, Stephen Deaderick ( See below for more information.

Step 1
To complete Step 1, you must complete your DICE card by attending six programs. DICE cards can be picked up at any time from the Student Life Multicultural Center (Ohio Union Suite 1000). As you enter the office, there is a wall of business cards and in one of the slots there are DICE cards.

1. Attend 3 co-curricular Social Justice Engagement (SJE) dialogues throughout the year. These programs are part of the Alonso Family Dialogue Series ( At the end of the program, you will get your DICE card punched by the event's coordinator or another designated person. The event description on the MCC's calendar will display whether or not the DICE program counts for SJE or H&A. Please note, unless the event description specifies that you need to, you do not need to RSVP for DICE events.

2. Attend 3 Heritage and/or Awareness (H&A) events offered through the Multicultural Center. We offer many programs throughout the year that are hosted by our Intercultural Specialists and other programming staff. If you check out the MCC calendar online, you will see the word "DICE" after a program title to know that it counts for your DICE card. The event description on the MCC's calendar will display whether or not the DICE program counts for SJE or H&A.

You can find out which events count for Step 1 by signing up for the SJE newletter or checking out our calendar !

Step 2
To compete Step 2, you must do ONE of the following three options. See the document attached to this page (above) for more detailed guidelines.
1. Earn a passing grade in ES HESA 2577: Crossing Identity Boundaries.

2. Complete at least 10 hours on a community service program of your choice, in consultation with the DICE program coordinator. You can do your service through Pay-it-Forward or through any community organization. You should be prepared to discuss with the DICE program coordinator how the project you choose fits within the goals of the DICE program and what you hope to gain from the experience.

3. Host a program through the MCC on a topic of your choosing, in consultation with the DICE program coordinator. You can come up with the topic and format for the program and the DICE program coordinator will help arrange a location and time for you to host it after consulting with you. The program you choose can be an extension of something you learned in another DICE program, a presentation on your research or class material, or anything else as long as it is related in someway to diversity and social justice.

Step 3
To complete Step 3, you must write a reflection paper on your experience with the DICE program. This must be completed after you complete Steps 1 and 2. For instructions on what to write in the paper, please see the document attached to this page (above).


For completing all three steps, you will be recognized and receive your DICE certificate. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Deaderick,